At REIA – Las Vegas our mission is to provide a content-rich environment for high quality education, productive networking opportunities and resource and support team building to ensure its members have the best opportunity for achievement in all aspects of real estate investing.

To help educate, promote, and magnify awareness in the benefits of real estate investing here in the city of Las Vegas.

We strive to provide the best:

  • Training/Information– Promoting and providing the most up to date information of real estate strategies, education, and learning so our members are prepared to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.
  • Networking– Meeting with like-minded individuals to increase your abilities, do more deals, and strengthen your awareness of possibilities in real estate investing.
  • Resources– Allowing to professionals in the industry, knowledge of the market, and much more to make sure our members have the most up to date information available for the Las Vegas Real Estate Market.
  • Marketing– Providing methods for our members to learn how to promote themselves and their businesses for further success.
  • Members of our association will benefit from all of these areas and see value added to their membership through participation!