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Get FREE MONEY to Invest in REAL ESTATE, Get an EDUCATION, or Start or Expand a BUSINESS!

with... Chris Johnson

Get FREE MONEY to Invest in REAL ESTATE, Get an EDUCATION, or Start or Expand a BUSINESS!

Saturday, February 29, 2020

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Monument Title
2230 Corporate Circle #220
Henderson, NV 89074

Billions of dollars are available from Federal, State and Local governments.  Discover How You Can Get Your Share!


Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? The fact is, governments at all levels – federal, state, county and municipal – have thousands of programs designed to do one thing...

to handout millions of dollars

to People each and every year!


If you’re a REAL ESTATE INVESTOR, there is FREE MONEY available for down payments on houses and multi-family buildings, for closing costs, to renovate and upgrade existing properties, to help your tenants pay you, to pay your mortgages, plus many other programs.

If you’re a BUSINESS OWNER or ENTREPRENEUR there is FREE MONEY available to start a business, expand a business, hire new employees, buy new equipment, buy new vehicles, develop new products, fund new research, plus countless other opportunities. There are grants, subsidies, zero interest loans, low interest loans and even loans you don’t have to ever pay back!

If you want to get an EDUCATION for yourself, and your employees, a child or grandchild, there are thousands of scholarships, awards, and bursaries to attend college, university or trade school. Plus there are thousands of private foundations and organizations who also make funds available for education.

This money is available from all levels of Government: Federal, State and Local. Hundreds of millions of dollars are given away to people just like you every year!

Why Haven’t Most People Heard of

These FREE MONEY Programs?

If there is so much money available, why don’t most People know about it? While governments are good at putting money into these FREE MONEY programs, they spend very little on making People aware these funds exist.

Most programs are not even advertised!

And private foundations can be even harder to find. Many grants, bursaries and scholarships are not even listed anywhere except in obscure catalogues.

It’s almost as if all this money was hidden away in a...


To access this FREE MONEY VAULT, you need to have 2 “special keys.” The first “special key” is knowing what FREE MONEY Programs exist and where to find all the information about them.

The second “special key” is perhaps even more important – knowing when and how to apply so that you get the money!

That’s why, at our next General Meeting at the DoubleTree on Oct 4th,  we’ve invited Chris Johnson to be our special guest trainer.  In case you haven’t heard of Chris before,  he’s  known as  America’s #1 FREE MONEY expert.  He doesn’t just teach people which FREE MONEY programs exist,  he will  also share his knowledge on how to find the right programs and how to successfully apply for the money.

This is essential, and it’s why he’s invited to speak at financial conferences across America. In fact...  Chris has shared the stage with Donald Trump, Al Gore, Suze Orman, Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki to name a few.

He’s  helped countless people all across America to get the FREE Money they deserve for their business... for their education... for their real estate investments.

He’s also spent thousands of hours researching how these FREE MONEY Programs work right here in America.   He’s mastered...

The 2 Keys to the FREE MONEY VAULT

Now,  Chris has uncovered the most important and profound FREE MONEY knowledge he has ever encountered. And he’s ready to share it  with you!

Chris has “packaged” 27 months of research on FREE MONEY into an action-packed, “intensive” Presentation called How to Unlock America’s Free Money Vault™ that I guarantee will show you, step-by-step, how to get FREE Money to invest in REAL ESTATE, to start or expand a BUSINESS, or to pay for an EDUCATION!

Be One of the Select Few to

Discover His FREE MONEY Secrets!


After months of pressure from us,  he’s finally agreed to offer a one time only  PRESENTATION to  Prosperity Through Real Estate clients.

Here’s a list of just some of the topics Chris will be revealing to you in his Presentation:

  •  The 3 secrets to getting FREE MONEY to purchase or upgrade your real estate... and how to use them to maximize your cash flow!
  •  A step-by-step system to get FREE MONEY to expand your existing business... or to start a new business!
  •  The 3 Forces propelling Government FREE MONEY Programs and what you need to know to make them work for you!
  •  The hidden reason why the government gives away FREE Money to People like you each and every year – and how to use this secret to dramatically increase the odds of getting all the money you want!
  •  The 4 myths of scholarships and the 2 things you need to know to get your education paid for!
  •  Create a “FREE MONEY machine,” that works without you, even while you sleep!
  •  The 2 “Super Strategies” that almost guarantees the chances of getting your grant application approved every time!
  •  And much, much more! 



Early Bird Special Pricing...
Up To 2/27/2020
Members: $29.00 -- Non-Members: $59.00

Regular Price
Members: $79.00 -- Non-Members: $79.00

Date: Saturday, February 29, 2020
Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Monument Title
2230 Corporate Circle #220
Henderson, NV 89074

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